10 Reasons Why 2013 Will Be Better Than 2012

  1. I will look even more like Jesus (2 Cor 3:18)
  2. I will experience greater levels peace and God will be more in control (Isaiah 9:7)
  3. As I trust Him more, I will gain further clarity of vision and purpose (Proverbs 3:5-6)
  4. I will find closure and be able to move on (Phil. 3:12-14)
  5. I will grow in both character and hope (Rom. 5:1-5)
  6. I will find strength to endure and keep moving forward (Isaiah 40:29-31)
  7. With God’s help, I will prevail against any attack that the enemy sends my way (Rom. 8:37)
  8. I will never be alone (Mtth 28:20)
  9. I will never lose His love (Rom. 8:38-39)
  10. He will make all things new (Rev. 21:5)

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