Why Do I Follow Jesus?

Why do I follow Jesus?

  • It’s a relationship. He loves me, and I adore loving Him back. In Him, I am fully accepted.
  • It’s exciting. There’s nothing quite so exciting as surrendering everything to Him and letting Him come through for you. In Him, my life is an adventure!
  • It’s peaceful. I know He will always be there for me, always protecting and comforting me, no matter what happens. In Him, there is no need for worry.
  • It’s companionship. He enjoys to do what I enjoy to do, be it not sin. He loves just to be with me. In Him, I am never alone.
  • It’s strength and salvation. He can do all things and has done all things, just for me. In Him, I will never be condemned.
  • It’s identity. He has called me His friend, His child, the light and salt of the world, a disciple, a mountain-mover. In Him, I will never question who I am.
  • It’s purpose. He has called me to a great mission, one that He formed me to fulfill. In Him, my life has direction and importance.
  • It’s love. Completely, honestly, openly, it’s love, and I would never exchange that for the world!

How could I not want to be with my Jesus?


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