The Princess and The Egg

Immanuel Egg

Once upon a time, there was a princess who thought she knew everything. Oh how clever she deemed herself to be! She wanted the whole world to know about it too. If she could make others admit her intelligence, perhaps they would love and put value on her. You see, even though she was a princess, she struggled with deep insecurity down to the marrow of her bones.

So she set out to show the world she was truly clever. But… how could she prove it? What scheme would she use?  She looked at everything around her. What fresh idea had the world never seen before? What novelty could she exploit? And then she began to wonder… was she really clever at all?

So this is what she decided… I will sit down and pray and ask God for that one great idea. Surely He will give me the delight of my heart!

But she did not know that the one thing God wanted was her heart itself. A beautiful, pure heart devoted to Him. God did not care whether or not other people on the planet adored His princess, because He Himself already adored her. And since He is Lord Majestic of the universe, others should look to Him before they make opinions about their fellow-man.

The girl never had to earn her Father’s love, or anyone’s. She just didn’t know that. She had yet to discover His great heart for her. Oh, if only He would open her eyes to see, so that she could understand!

So God sent a Treasure to the earth. A treasure inside of an egg. The treasure was a man, and that man was God Himself. He came to the earth to show her His great love. Even though she was a sinner, He died for her. Even though she was in all rights evil, He said, I still love her, and He gave up His own life to save her.

On that Christmas morning, she saw the baby lying in the manger, but did not know what it meant. Until forty years later when she saw Him lying on the cross. He carried all of her sins into the grave, where they stayed. And when He came back up from hell three days later, the world rejoiced! And she fell to her knees before her Savior!

Oh Lord, how much I still have to learn! Teach me Your ways and allow me to walk in Your footsteps! Help me live a life worthy of my calling. I only know enough to say that I still have much to learn. Guide me into Your holy presence, my Father! I will follow You all of my days!


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