Climbing the Hill

        I dreamed once about a hill. It was much too steep for climbing, though every part of me longed for the summit. Somehow I knew I must arrive at the peak, yet every time I began climbing, I slid back down again. I made no progress.
        Soon, the urge for despair came upon me. Jesus was at the top of the mountain and that is where I knew I must be. Yet I would never make it. I had no skill for climbing.
        But when I called out for help, He came right away! His eyes stared deep into mine as He reached out for me, and I found myself resting in His arms. I closed my eyes and thought, how sweet that He would hold me! How sweet that He would enter into my place of despair!
        When I opened my eyes, to my astonishment, I found myself on the summit of the mountain! I looked out over the view, my heart beating fast. Every ounce of beauty flooded my senses. This is where I knew I was meant to be!
        I looked back at my Jesus. Such wonderful eyes! It was impossible that I could be here with Him, yet it was true. And I knew that no force could move me from this place. I would stay wrapped in His arms forever! And that is all I cared about.
        Afterwards, I realized God never meant for me to climb the mountain myself. He always knew that He must descend and never once did He shrink back from that task. He alone made my arrival possible. He carried me the whole way to the peak and I never knew until I was there. Oh what a beautiful Savior!

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