100 Things for Which I’m Thankful

  1. God, in all three persons…. He is my best friend!
  2. The cross that made a way for me.
  3. Redemption, because no matter how much I mess things up, He brings good out of it
  4. Forgiveness
  5. God’s faithfulness
  6. The Bible – It continues transforming the way I see the world
  7. My dad – he is a role model to me in ways I never expected.
  8. My mom – she is so smart and wise, I’m always learning more and more from her.
  9. My brother – he has such a tender, loving heart
  10. My twin sister – she is always there for me and challenges me to become a better person
  11. David Bunce, my sister’s fiance – I never thought anyone would be good enough for her, but he proved me wrong!
  12. The Church – God’s people coming together in healthy fellowship
  13. Accountability – I would not be who I am today without my godly friends
  14. Music, because somehow it expresses those emotions that words alone cannot
  15. My job –I now have 2.5 years under my belt and still love it!
  16. My employers – they recognize my strengths and then release me into a setting where I can grow and thrive!
  17. My co-workers – I work with some of the best people in the world! They make me laugh. And they come up with the best innovative ideas.
  18. My committee members –I could not do this job in all of its intricacies without their assistance. I am thankful for their support!
  19. Metaphors, similes, and symbolism – powerful tools to communicate abstract truths in a more personal way
  20. My cat Chiple – she is my sweet cuddle-buddy!
  21. Snowflakes shining in the light of a street lamp after nightfall – if you’re from the north, you know what I mean!
  22. Dogs – they so clearly express the love of God, and His playfulness!
  23. My pastor – what an amazing leader, so full of wisdom, love, and divine revelation!
  24. America – despite our issues, we’re still free to worship God, speak about our faith, and vote for our own leaders. Let us not take that for granted!
  25. The military and their families
  26. Peru and all of my memories there
  27. Millie Ann Rivera, one of my best friends – I feel I can share anything with her no matter what and she never judges me.
  28. Antioch en Español – It is so much fun serving alongside these amazing men and women of God!
  29. My lifegroup – these are my comrades in arms!
  30. My co-leaders – they keep me steady
  31. My grandparents and rich heritage
  32. Fall foliage – just a glimpse of the crimson yellow patchwork is enough to invigorate my spirit!
  33. Friends with whom I can be myself and laugh my head off
  34. Jackets, scarves, and mittens
  35. Email – you can send entire documents and photos for free… across the globe. Whenever. To whomever. It’s cool!
  36. Facebook – for all the things we could say are wrong about it, I’m still thankful for Facebook because it allows me to keep in touch with my childhood friends from New Hampshire.
  37. My Jeep! What a story of God’s provision!
  38. Languages – call me a nerd, but it is just so much fun to analyze a language.
  39. Starbucks – I love me a good mocha! And Starbucks is a great place to chill with a book, journal, and/or some good friends!
  40. The piano – it was my favorite past-time growing up
  41. Springtime flowers
  42. The night sky and all the majestic depths of space
  43. Being home alone…. No one knows this, but when I’m at my parents’ house and everyone else is gone, I sing Phantom of the Opera at the top of my lungs!
  44. Walking around barefoot – there’s nothing like it, especially in a field of soft grass.
  45. The sound of water lapping against the sand
  46. Blankets in cold weather – I’d much rather snuggle under a warm blanket when it’s freezing outside than endure the heat of summer.
  47. Daisy’s wagging little stub of a tail
  48. Dinner with my family
  49. Toilet paper and modern plumbing – after living in a third world country for seven months, I can tell you, America is spoiled!
  50. The heater in my car
  51. Thunder storms – I just love a good lightning bolt!
  52. Pizza – I don’t want to list fifty foods I’m thankful for, but I must mention pizza. It’s so easy and so versatile!
  53. Water – in the form of rain, but also ice cold cup of water to quench your thirst!
  54. Cooking – it’s a lot of fun to craft raw materials into something delicious!
  55. Dishwashers – it makes cleaning up so much easier!
  56. Mountains – they are so beautiful and majestic. Nothing quite like them!
  57. Washer and driers – seven months of hand-washing my clothes tells me these machines are amazing inventions that improve efficiency and decrease illness.
  58. The Task function in Microsoft Outlook – I love me a good to-do list, and this tool makes it so easy for me to organize my work and not forget anything.
  59. Pencils and pens (especially Zebra pens! … you know what I mean if you’ve ever used one!)
  60. Shoes, so that your feet don’t get poked by pine cones or little rocks
  61. Massages – they just hit the spot!
  62. Literature – there’s nothing quite like a good book! You never know when one sentence could change everything.
  63. Photographs – I’ve seen the face of my great-great-great-great grandma, even though I never met her!
  64. Wheels: the best invention ever!
  65. Medicine – it sure makes things better when you’re sick
  66. Socks that keep my feet warm while sleeping!
  67. Les Miserables – I grew up watching this musical and it taught me that no one is just black or white.
  68. Airplanes – you can travel to the other side of the planet just one day…. What the heck???
  69. Paul the Apostle – I often wonder, if it weren’t for him, would I be a believer today?
  70. Bowling – when I was younger, my dad would take me and my sister bowling almost every Sunday after church. Those are good memories!
  71. Police officers, because they keep us safe!
  72. Tuftonboro UMC – the church where I grew up in New Hampshire…. They shaped me in so many ways. That is where I first fell in love with God!
  73. Paint. Yep, paint.
  74. My four years at Baylor University – some of the best years of my life!
  75. Matches and lighters – no messing around with flint and steel!
  76. Cars, because they make traveling so much easier
  77. Horse-drawn carriages for those nostalgic days
  78. Porch swings: the definition of relaxation!
  79. Electricity
  80. Saturdays at the park with nothing on my to-do list
  81. Stained glass windows
  82. My guitar
  83. The hard times, because that’s when you build the most character
  84. Conflict, when dealt with in a healthy manner, because you learn more about yourself and grow closer to those around you
  85. Coffee – it’s the reason I survived college!
  86. Art, because so much can be expressed through imagery
  87. Dreams – forget your limitations and dare to believe that anything is possible!
  88. Pan flutes and Peruvian music
  89. The holidays, because I get to spend lots of time with my family
  90. Christmas bells
  91. Hay rides
  92. Bags – such a simple invention, yet where would we be without them?
  93. The love of God – so extravagant, so transformative, so powerful!
  94. All the Christmas carols that I grew up singing
  95. Chocolate and peanut butter together
  96. The smell of pine
  97. Candle light
  98. Trials, because they teach me to lean upon God
  99. Clean air to breathe
  100. Joy – it keeps me happy even in the hard times!

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